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ZhenJiang Great Wall Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (here and after called Great Wall ) is locacted at Zhenjiang city, South of Yangtze River, belonging to Yangtze River Delta economic zone, owning railway station of Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Beijing High-speed raillways; 30 kilometers away from Zhenjiang seaport, 50 kilometers away from Changzhou airport, 70 kilometers away from Nanjing airport,and YangzhouTaizhou airport; Great Wall has passed ISO Quality Management System Certificate; its WPS and welders have passed BV certification; the raw material and finished products are accepted by International Third Testing Institute such as SGS,CCIC,CNAS etc; In addition,Great Wall has several independent R & D patents.

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  • How to reinforce the Bailey Bridge?

    The Bailey beam is a truss beam composed of the Bailey frame, which is mostly connected by lattice windows, and then fixed with bolts. Bailey beam is convenient and fast in engineering construction, such as the gantry crane, the construction platform, engineering sidewal...

  • What are the precautions for the installation and maintenance of Bailey Bridge?

    Due to its characteristics of simple structure, convenient transportation, fast erection, large load weight, good interchange and strong adaptability, Bailey Steel Bridge is suitable for a variety of engineering sites, and is widely used in highway, railway, municipal and other national infrastru...

  • How does the bailey bridge works?

    Bailey Bridge is a kind of prefabricated road steel bridge, which is widely used in the world.It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transportation, fast erection and easy decomposition.At the same time, it has the advantages of large carrying capacit...

  • How To Choose A High-quality Bailey Bridge Manufacturer

    What is the bailey bridge? Bailey bridge has a variety of names such as bailey piece, bailey beam, bailey frame and so on. It Originated in Britain in 1938 in early World War II and invented by engineer Donald Bailey, mainly to meet the rapid construction of bridges during the war, which was late...

  • How To Install Bailey Truss Bridge ?

    Great Wall Bailey Bridge Solutions will provide bailey bridge installation services to customers who need them.We also have bailey bridge parts and bailey bridge for sale.Our panel bailey bridge products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the welding process and weld...