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The Carefully Crafted and Durable 321 type Bailey Panel

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Bailey Panel , also known as truss panel , is used by the construction party to call Bailey frame and Bailey beam. It is widely used in Bailey steel bridge. As the most important structural unit of Bailey steel bridge, it plays an important role in bridge bearing.Bailey Panel can form other bearing structures such as supports, piers, hanging baskets and so on.

321 type Bailey Panel (1)

Detailed Specification

1.simple structure
2.convenient transportation
3.fast erection
4.large load capacity
5.good interchangeability and strong adaptability

321 Bailey sheet steel bridge is a fabricated highway steel bridge, which is characterized by light components, convenient disassembly and strong adaptability, and can be built quickly with simple tools and manpower. It is applicable to 5 kinds of loads, such as automobile grade-10, automobile grade-15, automobile grade-20, crawler grade-50 and trailer grade-80. The width of the carriageway on the bridge deck is 4m, which can be combined into a variety of span simply supported beam bridges within the range of 9m to 63m, and a continuous beam bridge can be constructed.

321 Bailey sheet steel bridge (4)
321 Bailey sheet steel bridge (2)


321 Bailey Panel is welded by upper and lower chord bars, vertical bars and inclined bars. The ends of the upper and lower chord bars are provided with male and female joints, and the joints are provided with pestle frame connecting pin holes. The chord of Beret is composed of two No. 10 channel steels (back-to-back). A plurality of steel plates with round holes are welded on the lower chord. There are bolt holes in the upper and lower chord for connecting with the reinforced chord and the double-layer truss. There are four bolt holes in the upper chord for connecting the support frame, of which two holes are used for connecting double or multiple rows of trusses in the same section. The two holes at both ends are used for cross node connection. When multiple rows of Berets are used as beams or columns, the joint of the upper and lower Berets must be reinforced with a support frame.

The bottom chord is provided with four cross beam base plates, above which there are tenons to fix the position of the cross beam on the plane. The channel steel web at the end of the bottom chord is also provided with two elliptical holes for connecting the wind resistant pull rod. The vertical rods of Bailey sheet are made of 8# I-steel, and a square hole is opened on one side of the vertical rod close to the lower chord, which is used for fixing the beam by the beam clamp. The material of Beret sheet is Q345 national standard steel.

321 Bailey bridge is 3M long and 1.5m wide. Actual weight 270 kg (+ - 5%). Attached drawing: performance of truss element members.

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