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ZhenJiang Great Wall Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (here and after called Great Wall ) is locacted at Zhenjiang city, South of Yangtze River, belonging to Yangtze River Delta economic zone, owning railway station of Shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Beijing High-speed raillways; 30 kilometers away from Zhenjiang seaport, 50 kilometers away from Changzhou airport, 70 kilometers away from Nanjing airport,and YangzhouTaizhou airport; Great Wall has passed ISO Quality Management System Certificate; its WPS and welders have passed BV certification; the raw material and finished products are accepted by International Third Testing Institute such as SGS,CCIC,CNAS etc; In addition,Great Wall has several independent R & D patents.

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  • Revolutionary GW D Modular Bridges: Changing the Way We Build Bridges

    The GW D Modular Bridge is a revolutionary engineering breakthrough that has been changing the way we build bridges. The innovative system has been hailed as a game-changer in the field of bridge construction, allowing bridges to be built faster, safer and more economica...

  • Bailey Bridge on the Great Wall: Witness of Quality and Innovation

    Great Wall is a leading company in the field of structural engineering. Their expertise extends far beyond the traditional field of architecture, and they are renowned for cutting-edge technology and innovative design solutions. One of their standout products is the Bail...

  • Follow this road: Craighall Bridge Loop near Blairgowrie.

    Those of a certain age will remember the old A93 line from Blairgowrie winding through the steep forests of Crayhall Gorge and the familiar rumble and whine of tires on Bailey Bridge. The bridge was a temporary solution to an ongoing subsidence problem, but the section was eventually closed in 20...

  • How to maintain the prefabricated Bailey steel bridge correctly?

    The prefabricated bailey steel bridge is a truss beam composed of bailey frame, which is mostly connected by flower Windows and then fixed with bolts. Precast Bailey steel bridge is convenient and fast to use, and it is used in engineering construction, such as the gantry crane, the construction ...

  • What are the characteristics of the Bailey Bridge produced by Zhenjiang Great Wall Group?

    Bailey Bridge is a truss beam made of Bailey panels. Bailey panels have flower Windows as the connecting members and are fixed with bolts. Because of the rapid erection and strong mobility, it is mostly used to build simple bridges in wartime, and now it is mostly used for engineering constructio...