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Superior Performance of Container movement set

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product introduction

Alias: square cabin walking mechanism, square cabin transportation equipment, packing box transportation equipment, etc.
Container movement set is a product developed for the movement of standard containers or objects with standard corner pieces, and has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient walking.
Used for short-distance, low-speed transfer of machine body packaging boxes and transport containers.

Container movement set

Product structure

Four transition brackets, 8 connecting seat plates for extending into the 8 connecting holes on the front and rear surfaces of the container, each transition bracket is connected with two upper and lower connecting seat plates; the transition bracket is driven by a lifting mechanism that can move it up and down It is arranged on a frame, and a walking wheel is arranged at the bottom of the frame, and the frame is connected with a traction mechanism that can drive it to move back and forth.


Product name: Container movement set
Alias: Container handling equipment; container moving equipment; shelter moving mechanism;
Shelter handling equipment; packing box transportation equipment; container transportation equipment, etc.
Single weight Not more than 1500 kg
Load bearing Not less than 11 tons
Function Lifting; traction; steering, etc.
Lifting height from the ground Not less than 300MM
life Not less than 20 years (working hours)
Environmental adaptability Working temperature: -20℃~+55℃;
Storage temperature: -45℃~+65℃;
Relative humidity: ≤95% (30℃)
Rain: can pass the rain test (6mm/min, duration is 1 hour);
Altitude: suitable for below 4000 meters above sea level
Hydraulic oil model 46# normal temperature anti-wear hydraulic oil
Pass the certification: ISO, CCIC, BV, SGS, CNAS, etc.
manufacturer: Zhenjiang Great Wall Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
Annual output: 80 sets

Product application

The container running mechanism is simple in structure and convenient to use, and can realize short-distance movement of the container. It is suitable for military camps, warehouses, test areas, docks, airports, aprons and other areas under environmental conditions without large lifting equipment, mainly through the implementation of electronics, power station shelters, weapons, ammunition containers, and short-distance towing transportation. Generally used for military and civilian use.

product advantages

1. Simple operation and convenient walking
2. Save cost
3. Recyclable
4. Overall transportation, reduce workload
5. Strong versatility and wide application range

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