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Easy Transportation and Efficient Railway Truss bridge

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Railway truss bridge refers to a bridge with truss as the main load-bearing component of the superstructure. The truss bridge is generally composed of the main bridge frame, the upper and lower horizontal and longitudinal connection systems, the bridge portal frame and the intermediate cross brace, and the bridge deck system.

Product application

Generally used for railway bridges or railway viaducts and overpasses with small spans.

Railway Truss bridge

Product Structure

1. Truss bridge is a form of bridge.
2. Truss Bridges are commonly seen in railways and expressways; It is divided into two kinds of upper chord force and lower chord force.
3. The truss is composed of upper chord, lower chord and belly rod; The form of abdominal rod is divided into oblique abdominal rod, straight abdominal rod; Due to the relatively large length and slenderness of the rod itself, although the connection between the rods may be "fixed", the actual rod end bending moment is generally very small, so the design and analysis can be simplified as "hinged".
4.In a truss, the chord is the members that make up the periphery of the truss, including the upper chord and the lower chord. The members that connect the upper and lower chords are called web members. According to the different directions of the web members, they are divided into diagonal rods and vertical rods.
The plane where the chords and webs are located is called the main girder plane. The bridge height of the large-span bridge changes along the span direction to form a curved string truss; the medium and small spans use a constant truss height, which is the so-called flat string truss or straight string truss. The truss structure can be formed into a beam or arch bridge, and can also be used as the main beam (or stiffening beam) in a cable support system bridge. The vast majority of truss bridges are constructed of steel. The truss bridge is a hollow structure, so it has a good adaptability to the double deck.

Product advantages

1. high bearing capacity
2.fast construction speed
3.energy saving and environmental protection
4. beautiful building appearance
5.good seismic performance
6.quality assurance

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