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Sophisticated Technology of Compact-100 Bailey Bridge

Short Description:

Compact-100 Bailey Bridge
Model Derived: CB100,Compact-100,British 321-Type
Bridge deck net width: 4.2m
Maximum Free Span length: 51M
Panel Dimension:3000MMX1400MM(Holes center distance)

Product Detail

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Product name: Compact-100 Bailey Bridge
Model alias:  321-type prefabricated highway steel bridge (Bailey Bridge)
Derivative models: CB100, Compact-100, British 321-Type Bailey Bridge.
Truss piece model: Type 321 Bailey Panel
Conventional size of truss piece: 3 meters × 1.4 meters (hole to hole) usually also said: 3 meters X 1.5 meters (side to side)
Maximum span of steel bridge design: 51-meter single-span (if the total length is greater than 51 meters, it can be used as a multi-span continuous beam, and 200-type, GWD-type steel bridge can also be selected)
Standard lane width of steel bridge: 4.2 meters single lane (also can be customized according to customer needs)
Load class: Class 10 for automobiles; Class 15 for automobiles; Class 20 for automobiles; Class 50 for crawlers; Class 80 for trailers; 40 tons for bicycles;
AASHTO HS20, HS25-44, HL93, BS5400 HA + HB; City-A; City-B; Highway-I; Highway-II; Indian standard Class-40; Australian standard T44; Korean standard D24, etc.
Design: 321 type SS, SSR, DS, DSR, TS, TSR, DD, DDR, TD, TDR
According to the difference of span and load, select the appropriate row. Contact us for free design.
Main material of steel bridge: GB Q345B
Connection pin material: 30CrMnTi
Connecting bolt grade: 8.8 high-strength bolts
Surface corrosion: Hot-dip galvanizing; paint; heavy-duty anticorrosive paint for steel structure; asphalt paint; anti-skid aggregate treatment of bridge deck, etc.
Bridge erection method: Cantilever push-out method; hoisting method; floating method; in-situ assembly method; soil pile construction method, etc.
Installation takes time: 7-14 sunny days after the abutment and other conditions are met (determined according to the length of the bridge and site conditions)
Installation requires workers: 6-8 (determined according to site conditions)
Equipment required for installation: Cranes, hoists, jacks, chain hoists, etc. (Can be adjusted according to site conditions)
Steel bridge features: Short delivery time, light fittings, fast assembly, interchangeable, detachable, long life
Pass the certification: ISO, CCIC, BV, SGS, CNAS, etc.
Executive standard: JT-T/728-2008
manufacturer: Zhenjiang Great Wall Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
Annual output: 12000 tons

Product elements introduction

It consists of Chord member, Montant Diagonal rod.
1. Panel Bridge
2. Factory provided directly
3. Manual handling
bailey bridge panel consists of panels, pins, post end, bolt, chord reinforcement, truss bolt and chord bolt.

Product application

The early Compact-100 Bailey Bridge was mainly used in the military, that is, military steel bridge. Now Compact-100 Bailey Bridge has been widely used in rescue and disaster relief, traffic engineering, municipal water conservancy engineering, dangerous bridge reinforcement, etc. in addition to being a war-ready steel bridge.

Product advantages

1. lightweight components
2. easy disassembly and assembly
3. strong adaptability
4. can be quickly built with simple tools and manpower.
5. wide range of applications


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