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Dependable Performance of the 321-Type Bailey Bridge

Short Description:

Model Alias:100-Type
Model Derived: CB100,Compact-100,British 321-Type
Bridge deck net width: 4m
Maximum Free Span length: 51M
Panel Dimension:3000MMX1400MM(Holes center distance)

Product Detail

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Compact-100 Bailey Bridge (1)

321-Type Bailey Bridge is a type of bridge system that can be dissembled and rapidly erected. It was designed according to British Compact-100 Bailey Bridge. The whole bridge is welded with high-tensile strength steel. The girder is light weight composite panels and the panels are connected by panel connection pins. The conversion between the parts is easy and they are lightweight. It is easy to assemble or disassemble and transport them. It can also be assembled into different forms of panel bridges according to their span length and transportation requirement. So, it has been widely applied as a more developed and guaranteed panel bridges for emergency transportation.
Because the deck is thin and transom beam is light, It is suitable for that when the requested bridge span or loading are small.
As the international marketing developing, some international users insist to adopt the bridge in British dimension to match the old bridges, Great Wall can also provide the special-made bridges with panel dimension on 3.048m X 1.45m (Holes center distance). It is called CB100 or Compact-100 Bailey Bridge, In China, it is called British 321-Type Bailey Bridge.

Product elements

It consists of Chord member,MontantDiagonal rod.
1. Panel Bridge
2. Factory provided directly
3. Manual handling

bailey bridge panel consists of pannels,pins, post end, ,bolt, chord reinforcement ,truss bolt and chord bolt.
Comprising upper & lower chord member, montant and raker welded. One end of the upper & lower chord member is female, and the other end is male, both with pin hole. While splicing the trusses, insert the male end of one truss into the female end of the other, aiming the pin hole and inserting the pin. Holes’ function of truss: chord member bolt hole is used for splicing dual deck or reinforced bridge, by inserting the truss bolt or chord member bolt into the chord member bolt hole, so as to connect the dual deck truss or the truss and reinforced chord member; brace hole is used for installing brace, while the truss is used as girder, use the two middle holes; while used as bridge feet, use the two end holes, so as to strengthen the connection of two rows of trusses; wind bracing hole is used for connecting the sway brace; brace hole on end montant is used for installing brace, raker and yoke plate; hole of transom bolt & nut is used for installing transom bolt & nut. There are four transom pads, with bolt on it for limiting the transom position.

type Bailey bridge (7)
type Bailey bridge (3)
China 321-type Bailey bridge (1)
type Bailey bridge (4)

Product application

321-Type Bailey Bridge has been widely used in rescue and disaster relief, traffic engineering, municipal water conservancy engineering, dangerous bridge reinforcement, etc. in addition to being a war-ready steel bridge.

China 321-type Bailey bridge (1)
China 321-type Bailey bridge (2)

Product advantages

1..lightweight components
3.strong adaptability
4.fast assembly
5.Short delivery time
6.long life


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