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How to maintain the prefabricated Bailey steel bridge correctly?

The prefabricated bailey steel bridge is a truss beam composed of bailey frame, which is mostly connected by flower Windows and then fixed with bolts. Precast Bailey steel bridge is convenient and fast to use, and it is used in engineering construction, such as the gantry crane, the construction platform, engineering sidewalk bridge, etc.

Bailey bridge originated in Britain, is the British Donald bay engineer invented in 1938 during the second world war, our country in the early 1960s began to produce prefabricated highway steel bridge 321-type bailey bridge, it is characterized by simple structure, light components, convenient transportation, but also has large carrying capacity, structural rigidity, long fatigue life, mainly used in military transportation, rescue and disaster relief, national defense construction, water conservancy engineering, road traffic and other fields.

4 100型四川39米321型双排单层加强型钢便桥

The steel structure component of bailey panels, bailey sheet is prone to rust products, especially in the coastal areas, it is more prone to rust, so the steel bridge should be often maintained to avoid rust. Once the corrosion will inevitably reduce the carrying capacity and service life of the steel bridge, so the timely rust removal and paint maintenance is an important link to ensure the life of the bridge, must not be ignored.

In order to prevent the corrosion of the bailey steel bridge, the engineer shall carefully check the various parts of each part of the steel bridge for the paint loss, rust and component deformation during the maintenance. To the corroded part, strict requirements for workers to first dust, oil, rust spots and all kinds of dirt to clean up, and then spray paint, paint uniform, paint surface flat, never leakage spray. If any component deformation is found, the shell sheet shall be replaced to ensure the continued safe use of the steel bridge.

4 200型缅甸54米单排多跨镀锌桥

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Post time: Nov-03-2022