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Single lane GW D Modular bridge

Short Description:

D-Type Big Span Steel Bridge
Model Alias: CD450;CD;450
Extra Width Single lane: Bridge deck net width: 4.2m Maximum Free Span length: 82.296m

D-Type Big Span Steel Bridge is the patent of Great Wall;It was invited from Germany and has advantage in the long-span and big loading comparing to bailey bridge. Thus, it can save cost of piers.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Its panel chord is bigger than bailey bridge panel but the panel structure is simpler. All the components are bolted so the bridge can be used as a permanent bridge because of its small deflection.The components are interchangeable and repetitively used.This kind of bridge has various structure changes to satisfy different loading capacity.

Product application

D-Type Big Span Steel Bridge has been widely used in rescue and disaster relief, traffic engineering, municipal water conservancy engineering, dangerous bridge reinforcement, etc. in addition to being a war-ready steel bridge.

Product advantages

1.Simple structure
2.strong adaptability
3.good interchangeability
4. longer span
5.cost saving
6.wider application

Modular Bridge

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