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What safety measures should be paid attention to in the construction of Bailey Steel Bridge

Bailey steel bridge is a type of prefabricated highway steel bridge, is widely used, the most popular bridge in the world. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transportation, fast erection and easy decomposition. The scope of application includes car-10, car-15, car-20, crawler-50, trailer-80 and other loads.

Bailey Steel Bridge not only has a large carrying capacity, but also has a strong rigid structure and a long fatigue life. It is widely used in national defense combat readiness, traffic engineering and municipal water conservancy projects. It can make up the different span of various types and various uses of temporary bridge, the emergency bridge and fixed bridge according to the actual needs, with the advantages of less component, lightweight and low cost.

The appearance of Bailey Bridge has been favored by the majority of engineers. Here, the Great Wall Heavy Industry to remind you, the Bailey Steel Bridge is good, but in the construction process, we also need to pay attention to some of its safety measures.

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Six safety measures for construction of Bailey Bridge

1. The main components of Bailey sheet are composed of four components: truss piece, truss connecting pin, support frame and truss bolt. Each piece of Bailey truss piece is mainly connected by the truss, support frame with no. 8 I-word steel manufacturer production is a standard frame. The entire truss piece is assembled of Bailey truss piece through end connection pins.

2. In the process of erecting the inclined beam of the bridge, because the construction teams are working in the cross operation during the construction peak period, the safety monitoring efforts should be strengthened, and a safety monitoring officer should be set up on the site. Horizontal and vertical material transportation must be set up to guard against entry by non-construction personnel.

3. The erection materials of the frame body mainly rely on manual transmission and part of the crane transportation. In order to ensure the transmission of all materials for construction, the construction personnel should cooperate with the crane for lifting safely and carefully. Manual transmission, to do a good job of self-protection, fasten the safety belt, echo, first pick up and then send. Strictly prevent pipe fittings and fasteners from falling to the ground.

4. During the construction of scaffolding, in order to prevent the material from falling to the ground and injuring people, there should be no holes in the frame. During the erection period, the safety net should be covered first, and the no. 18 barbed wire should be tied at four points, with no soft phenomenon. No extra pipe fittings and fasteners shall be allowed to prevent falling and injury.

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5. Scaffolding erection and demolition shall protect the products, and damage to walls, Windows, glass and facilities shall be strictly prohibited. Materials should be stacked in the designated place, and the hand cleaning work should be done every day.

6. The construction personnel must strictly implement the national and industrial standards, and abide by the relevant safety regulations and various rules and regulations of the owner and the project department. Seriously accept the safety inspection of owners and supervision, and actively and seriously accept the rectification.

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Post time: Sep-12-2022