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What should we pay attention to when fixing the bearing and baseplate of the Bailey bridge?

Because of its simple structure, fast erection, good interchange and strong adaptability, Bailey Bridge is widely used in daily life. So What should we pay attention to when fixing the bearing and baseplate of the Bailey bridge?

 1. When the Bailey Bridge is pushed to the predetermined position, the guide beam will be removed and the end column is installed to prepare the bridge in place. When in place, lift the  bridge lower chord with the jack, remove the rock and sample plate, move the bridge under the rock to the pre-installed seat plate; then cross the bridge slowly on the bridge seat. A thick steel plate shall be laid between the jack and the lower string bar to disperse the load over the two grooves of the string bar. Its position is best placed at the intersection point of the truss string pole and the bailey pole.

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2. When a bridge lands, the landing speed of each jack should be consistent, so as not to concentrate the weight of the bridge on a certain jack, causing damage to the jack or truss string rod and other serious accidents. For small span and lightweight bridges, crowbars can be used. Whatever the approach, you should first land on one bank and then on the other bank. When erected on sloping terrain, the jack must be placed firmly, to prevent slipping.At the same time, 1-2 operators should be assigned to the other bank rock to check whether there is any fault, whether the bridge is blocked or offset in the launch process; deal with the problems in time, suspend the launch if necessary, use the jack to lift the bridge and move the roller.The direction of the launch must be checked at any time, and if any deviation is found, correct it immediately, especially when the truss is pushed at the balance point, which can be corrected by the method of pulling the tail.

3. The removal of the bridge should be carried out in the reverse order of erection. When the height difference between the bridge deck and the pavement is less than 15 cm, one lap plate can be set up. One end of the plate is placed inside the button of the beam, and the other end is placed on the road, but the pillow should be padded below.When the height difference between the bridge deck and the pavement is 15~30 cm, two lap plates should be installed. When the site is limited, it can be pulled back while dismantled, and then the trusses and other components can be removed one by one. Remove the entrance and exit first, then top the end of the bridge with the jack, remove the end column and bridge, install rock, and install the bridge end; beams should be added between the two plates, and the plate support should be set under the beam. The truss is then slowly pulled back with human or mechanical traction.Pull at the same time to strictly control the push and pull speed, force to be uniform, push to be slow and smooth, not too slow or too fast.

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Post time: Aug-29-2022