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How To Install Bailey Truss Bridge ?

Great Wall Bailey Bridge Solutions will provide bailey bridge installation services to customers who need them.We also have bailey bridge parts and bailey bridge for sale.Our panel bailey bridge products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the welding process and welding machine have passed the BV French Classification Society certification.
In order to save costs for customers, we will send experts for on-site guidance or online team training.We help our customers build beret truss Bridges faster and better by helping them train their own erecting technicians and making it easy for them to reuse.
Great Wall Bailey Bridge Solutions has the flexibility to choose suitable methods such as floating erection, full hole hoisting, in-situ assembly, cantilever propulsion, etc., depending on the actual situation of the product and construction site.
How To Install Bailey Truss Bridge

The cantilever propulsion method is the most commonly used method for the installation of bailey truss bridges.When the construction site is restricted, large lifting equipment can not enter the time, we usually use this method to erect bailey bridge.This method is simple in use, rapid in erection, safe and reliable, does not require large lifting equipment, and workers can undertake the task of bridge erection after simple training.Its specific installation method is as follows:
1.Placing rollers on both sides of the river and pre-installing part of the bridge and sliding guide beams on the bank.
2.Using a loader on the other side of the river, each set is mounted one step forward.Using this method to cycle the entire steel bridge slowly until you reach the other side.
3.The whole steel bridge is slowly placed on the bridge seat with a hydraulic jack, and the Angle is adjusted by a measuring instrument and placed in the design position.
4.After the bailey truss bridge fixed at a predetermined position, laying bailey bridge, the suspension loop, the bridge deck and steel plate.

Post time: Apr-14-2022